Ok that’s a word I came up with (At least I haven’t heard it from anywhere else). So I was talking to this friend when I got to know about the fact that America has a higher population of girls to guys, that got me thinking … how come India which has more males than females was lead by a woman(Indira Gandhi the one in the pic) for 15 of its 58 years of independence while “…land of the free and the home of the brave” hasn’t had a woman leader in …. never. Doesn’t it sound bogus when we talk about women’s empowerment in the middle east when we are afraid to “really” empower them in the west! I am not even going to go into the glass ceiling …

I guess this is where pseudo-feminism comes in … in the name of gender equality all they got was only to sleep around and do drugs but no real equality. I still can’t fathom how you couldn’t have a woman leader when women are in majority ??? we complain about the minority Sunnis ruled over the majority Shias … wonder if anybody is looking inside. And India being a male dominated society (We look down on women who smoke and drink … and divorcees …) still lets women be in seats of power … the power behind our current central(federal) government is a lady. For that matter the president of two other easter countries (Sri Lanka and Phillipines) are women.

This is just food for thought … for those who think that women are equal in the US. The Man just gives you some to take away everything …


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