Over the hill …

25 and single … that’s my profile from today onwards. Yes folks, I am over the hill of silver … I already feel old enough to die (just kidding). Been a blast the past 25 years, oh yes they have been quite eventful (Just like everybody else’s … maybe not) with patches of uneventful, boring, mundaness.

Somebody said you don’t count your life with the money or success you have attained but by the number of friends that you have. And if that is true then I am the most blessed of all men (or women) on earth. God has been most abundantly gracious and merciful to me through my short(or long) life . Not to forget unlike most people “the people I couldn’t choose” (family and relatives) are out of this world.

What can I say … I have the perfect life. Sure got ups and downs, but its definitely better than the next person’s(atleast that’s what I think). Wouldn’t want to exchange it with anybody. Now that I have rambled on how blessed I feel, I think I should end the post … (Or maybe because I have just run out of idea’s), but you can’t complain, its not everyday you turn 25 (its not everyday you turn anything).

At 21 you know you are old but still young enough to do stupid stuff and blame it on your age, at 25 you really can’t blame it on anything or anybody. Which brings us to how do you know that you are old and over the hill? First sign is that you don’t receive a single card on your birthday, a good sign most people have either forgotten or maybe they are just too broke from all the cards they have got you the previous years… also just an hint that maybe you should just get on with your life, ’cause whatever you might think its just another day in everybody’s life ;). Oh ya no more birthday cake/party for you till you go really down the hill and have kids and they want to get something out of you!

Also 25 is that first time you can really look back at your life and see where you are going or atleast plan to go … the first mile as some people would say. I wanted to retire at the age of 30 (Seriously) but as things are going retiring is not for me :). Atleast I got my master’s degree, that is a very big step … The best part is that even if I wanted to reminiscent on things I really don’t have the time. I can’t figure out how staring at a computer screen makes people tired but it does, specially if you are staring at it in the night. Last weekend was the beginning of a series of weekends that I have got to work. Can’t complain though as long as I am getting paid for it.

Just a random thought … I have always wondered how a wonderful baby as the one on top would turn into the scary man(I am 25!) that I have become.

Being scary apart … 25 has lots of benefits … lesser insurance premiums and the ability to rent a car without the underage fee … gawd I hated that discrimination even though I scarcely used a rented car.

The one thing that I did learn is something I read in Ecclesiastes 1:2 ” Vanity of vanities, all is vanity””, the more you want things the more you miss out on life. And this is what I consider the most important thing in life “PEOPLE“. There is nothing else in life that is more important. It is so easy to get blinded (As I have a lot of times) by other things but there is nothing that can take the place of people … they are important enough for Jesus to die on the cross for them.

Believe it or not, it too me quite a few years to understand the importance of being people centric (18 to be exact). The reason being that I had the worst case of shyness I have ever seen. I know its hard to believe for lots or at least most people who know me. I was what you call a chronically shy person, couldn’t lift my head up when somebody from the opposite sex was around .. wouldn’t speak to an unknown person … even made my parents wonder if I should have been born as a girl!! And then it finally dawned on me (after a lot of deliberation of course) the people really don’t have the time to be spending all their time on me, specially thinking about my walk or talk … once I got through that epiphanic moment I was free of shyness or as I would like to call it ‘I’ness. ‘Cause what most people don’t realise is that being shy makes you think more about yourself than others … oxymoronic as it might sound, that in itself should tell you that people are not thinking about you and judging you!

But to be truthful, it was worth the wait (the wait to get over the shyness) or I wouldn’t appreciate what God has given me!!

“At twenty we worry about what others think of us; at forty we don’t care about what others think of us; at sixty we discover they haven’t been thinking about us at all.”


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  1. eug

    hi u sure r over the hill………..u have already started to brag…………..u sure grow old pretty fast….hey by the way u forgot to write bout ur girly voice…remember……….


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