…great America….poor india

Ok before you guys go beating up on me for that statement, just wanted to let you guys know that, it is not my statement. This is one my mom oft quoted statements, whenever I don’t agree with her point of you. Its actually even higher than “you are more educated than me”(Which is false since she has two degrees to my one).

I am not going into the merits of the statements itself, I’ll leave it to the “nationalists” of both countries. The reason I brought this up is to talk about psychology! Ok I don’t have a psychology nor am I a psychologist but am sure a master at the defensive offensive strategy. That’s again a new phrase … I am talking about the way people usually lower themselves so the other would feel guilty.

It’s pretty useful if you want to say whatever you want and then hide behind the supposed direness of your situation. This strategy was pretty effective in college when a trio of us used to make fun of everybody and then would self-deprecate ourselves so others wouldn’t get a handle to make fun of us.

It’s usage that really bugs me though is when it’s an emotional blackmail and yours truly has given as much as he has got. My sisters have most often been my victims, the closer you are to me the more you would be emotionally blackmailed 😉 while my mom and uncles have been pretty effective giving it to me.

So why am I writing this ?? Well just confessing my sins in the open so I won’t repeat them again… hopefully … and who is to be credited for making a saint out of a sinner? Somebody who is trying the greatest defensive offense on me.

If you can’t beat em’, join em’..
If you can’t join em’, bribe em’,
If you can’t bribe em’, blackmail em’..


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  1. boss

    And if you can’t blackmail them, pretend you are dead..haha..no one ever beats a dead dog..haha..except in frustration..I am sure laughing my guts out writing this above response..

    Well, on a serious note, the truth always sets you free..if one only learns to fear God who can kill both the body and soul, one wouldn’t care less about the devil who can kill only the body. Vengeance is mine, I will repay saith the Lord in the old testament..However in the new testament, it is the age of Grace..a long rope..you can either hang yourself upside down (guess who did that) or you can rope others onto the way of life and truth (herding)..You cannot be herded if you don’t hear the Good Shepherd’s voice, because only His Sheep will hear His voice. Offensive- Defensive strategy won’t work in Heaven..you know why? There is nothing but worshipping God in Truth and in Spirit..There are no marriages, only one Father and we are all adopted sons and daughters of His made possible through the Blood of the Lamb to those who believe and live life by being Doers of the Word and not hearers only.

    So if you want to get married, get married to someone who loves you for who you are..imagine meeting a potential mate and your qualification is no education, no good looks, no family background, maybe you make enough money to eke out a living for yourself and some..you might have a family history of some unknown illness that hasn’t surfaced as yet or perhaps your past life up until the time you meet your potential partner has led you through some rough patches healthwise, you never know if it will surface all back..Now tell me, if this is who your partner is like, what choice would you make..Would you say, well he or she is also a child of God just like me, I would give my best to love, protect, and share all that I have including all my joys and sorrows with him or her for the rest of my God given life..If you can confess that before God and man, brother, you have a winning combination. Remember Jesus first miracle was at a wedding..unless Jesus is at your wedding to bless you both and unless you have His Spirit in your hearts..marriage is boot camp..It is not for the timid. It is the union of two different people from entirely two different backgrounds, so a lot of sacrifices must be made out of love for each other..if not it is spiritual warfare and unless you are equipped with the spiritual armor, you will become dead to the desires of the flesh..Be brave soldier of God..you have an unseen army from the Lord of Hosts surrounding you..Blessed is the Man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of Sinners nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful. But, His delight is in the law of God and in His Law does he meditate day and night. He shall be like a Tree planted by the rivers of water that bringeth forth its fruit in its season. Ask yourself, how many fruits of the spirit you have? The more the better..Fight the good fight..if you can’t do it alone, get a partner who will stand with you shoulder to shoulder in your joys and sufferings..Pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks, for it is the Will of God..speaking from recent war experience..The devil’s time is drawing to a close, he knows it too, so he is just upped the ante..In the spiritual warfare, all your gear is defensive (protective, i.e.,Shield, Helmet, Breastplate, Shoes) except for the Sword (The Word of God)which is your offensive weapon. It is double edged too..So if you don’t wield it right, you could kill yourself too..It is the tongue of man that has not be bridled, and it is like the rudder of a ship..From the same mouth comes blessings and cursings..So think before you speak, Don’t rush to say “I Do” and then not mean it when you hit rough weather..Love is patient, Love is Kind, Love is longsuffering, Love is deep, wide, high..May God be your guide as you traverse the wilderness of life..You will find He does what is good for you in the long run..For whom the Lord loves, He corrects..Peace and Love may it always remain within your heart..God Bless


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