Pro Choice Pro Life!

I am going to be an Uncle! And yes that is the ultra sound picture of my niece/nephew. So why is this leading to a pro-choice pro-life debate?? Seeing the picture and hearing about it from my sister has made me reevaluate my stand; that and the recent spurt of bills being tabled in different states (in the US).

I am one of those crazy fellows who lean towards pro choice while at the same time being strongly rooted in their faith. As much as this being one of the biggest issues in the good ole’ US of A, it is almost inconsequential in the east (read India) where female infanticide is a way of life.

I guess I have already covered what I think about this topic and the cultural differences affecting it. What sparked this revisit of the abortion issue was when my sister said how the doctor her the measurements of the baby et all. That put a doubt in my mind whether abortion is really killing a human being?

This doubt is not strong enough to convince me that a person who is a victim of rape or incest shouldn’t be given the choice to abort. And when the mom’s life is in danger don’t even ask me! As a side note I was almost aborted because I wouldn’t come out :-). But it is strong enough to make me feel that its not a trifle thing to do … when somebody kills a pregnant woman they are held liable for both the lives … does that mean that in one instance the baby is human and another time it is just some cells?

This picture has definitely turned me from being strongly pro-choice to shaky pro-choice (excluding rape and incest)!

Some of my past posts on this topic 😉

“Seventy-seven percent of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant”
Planned Parenthood advertisement

“The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion, because if a mother can kill her own child what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me? There is nothing between.”
Mother Teresa


One thought on “Pro Choice Pro Life!

  1. Boss

    If you bring a child into the world, both parents are responsible for its upbringing..what’s my’s the Bible..God sent his only begotten Son that whosover believes in Him should not perish but should have everlasting life…So who took care of Jesus..His Heavenly Father and His earthly mother..She was there with Him almost all the time even unto His death and His resurrection. God was there with Jesus all the time. He alluded to it to the skeptics and the cynics and also to the faithfuls of the day..They had eyes but they did not see, they had ears but they did not hear..An adulterous nation looks forward to the signs and it was always there but they did not see it..Prophecies became facts..a generation gone and a new generation that didn’t learn from the old, wastes its time repeating the same mistakes and then having a “a ha” if they became suddenly enlightened..It is the quest for knowledge that started this..and it will end when the ultimate truth is reached in a person’s life..

    So coming back to responsibilities and choices and everything else about making children… let’s revisit someone who is called a Father of Faith..Abraham. He provided for both his children, Ishmael and Issac. Both the mothers, Haggar and Sarah loved their children and took care of them. Haggar (in her mind) being a servant maid felt incapable of taking care of the child without Abraham’s help (Sarah didn’t want her servant maid’s child to be the legal heir of Abraham’s wealth). But when she cried to God, He answered her prayers..So for every parent who brings a child (remember, Children are a gift from God) into this world. If you cannot take responsibility for a gift from God, don’t just make babies because you can. It takes a lot of patience, sacrifice and setting good examples (role models)..Children imitate their parents a lot. The learning starts from the Embryo. The mother’s and father’s mental state contribute to how that child develops in the womb. That’s why age old wisdom was that when the daughter conceives she went back to her parent’s house and stayed there past her pregnancy and childbirth. It is a safe place.. But if in-laws, husbands and other caretakers can create that safe place for their daughter in laws, it will be much appreciated by the future mothers. Today, we have technology to help with everything..So age old wisdom is thrown out of the window and medical procedures (man made necessities) overrule the wisdom of the ages..Ask any woman who has had a normal delivery as well as an epidural given and a C section done (which means she must have conceived at least twice)..You will hear some very interesting answers from one who has experienced both..They will prefer the normal delivery over man made procedures..There is so much joy and relief when they give birth the normal way, but for man made procedures, there is only pain lingering on even after delivery…You cannot make light of what God in his abundant wisdom designed to be good for the human race, even when it was given as a curse…And interesting enough, today the world is heading towards Eugenics..(creating designer babies)..When will the madness stop..History will be the greatest teacher.


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