New World Order

I can vividly remember the Coco-Cola company coming into India, with the opening up of India’s economy in 1992, as the first MNC riding piggy back on the shoulders of India’s market leaders at that time the Gold Spot company, . Within a very short period of time Coco-Cola had flexed its muscle and staged a successful hostile take over of the company. The Thumbs Up pictured on the left and Limca are the only remnants of the old soda range. The flagship Gold Spot was replaced by fanta. The hostile takeover scared the other India companies to such an extent that all talks broke down between them and the MNCs for a whole year. So why this lesson in history? Two recent events …

The first was me getting a case (24 count) of “Thumbs Up” from the India store. I remember how we used (still do) call Coco-Cola and Pepsi as a wimp’s drink compared to Thumbs Up! So it brought back memories of how the fledging new open economy was attacked by the well loaded MNCs.

The second event … flash forward 14 years and a technology boom later. The world has turned more capitalistic than ever (even red china), thanks mainly to the pressure of the US of A and the third world countries are finding the pros of having a capitalistic society. And then its protectionism all over again, this time from the flag bearer of the Capitalistic free society, good ‘ole Uncle Sam. I am talking about the Dubai Ports Deal, which provided a common ground for both democrats and republicans. And it seems that prejudicial politics has overcome the basic tenets of free trade and a level playing field. Am I calling them racist …. no… its just shows that they are not ready for the new world order. How can a bunch of horse riders “barbarians” living in a kingdom gain a foot hold in their own backyard. I don’t think there would have been so much furor if this had been a European “civilized” company.

This is not an isolated event … across the ocean, France is trying to prevent Lakshmi Mittal (An India) take over Europe’s largest steel manufacturer. And here racism is pretty apparent. They just can’t seem to comprehend how a country that they controlled not more than half a century ago, would now have to the guts to come into their house and rule their … steel. Its unthinkable for the Europeans who weren’t below putting up “Dogs and Indians not allowed” signboard in India to now loose to an “Brown” owned company.

Welcome to the reality of capitalism … its a dog eat dog world, the pandora’s box has been opened and no amount of tears over job loss and out-sourcing is going to close it. The best thing to do is to get on your feet and eat before you are eaten.

It is hypocritical for feminists and intellectuals to enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of capitalism while sneering at it…. Everyone born into capitalism has incurred a debt to it.
Camille Paglia


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  1. boss

    Imagine for a brief moment what it would be like not to have hunger or thirst. Now tell me why you would need Pepsi, Coke, Fanta or Thumbs Up..Well, that’s why God gave Pure ole Water..It doesn’t cost anything if you can drink it from a Spring, the natural source of all fresh water (unless you want to bottle it, store it, give it a fancy name and spin a long yarn about its origin and its potential health benefit). Once fresh water ends up in the Sea, it is no good unless you can take out the salt in it…

    Ok, now that I have made some headway…getting to the point of capitalism..What is it really? The opportunity to become the most wealthy person on earth. Maybe we live in a fantasy world. For every capitalist in the making, there is a slave in him/her..The desire to have more..not content with what you have…it is all chasing the wind..We live our lifetimes going through the endless process and once we have found it, it is difficult to part with it..We claim we want to enjoy the fruits of our labor..Maybe on earth for sometime one might perhaps enjoy it..That’s the illusion of the Devil. Save up your treasures in heaven where moth nor rust can get to it..So tell me is Heaven run by capitalists..For the Lord’s prayer teaches..Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven..

    My conclusion is also from the Bible..Be content in whatever state you are in, in all things give thanks to God. If you can humble yourself to the extent that Jesus did on the cross..Creator of this universe ridiculed, mocked, scourged and put to death in the most cruelest ways of His time..yet, this is what he had to say to folks gathered to watch Him..Father, Forgive them for they know not what they do..I wonder he must be repeating this for the last 2000 years to His Father in Heaven..dont you see the signs of the times..Learn some history, geography, archaelogy and look at what these sciences tell you about our history and future..Maybe you will start thinking about your present state..Coz, the present is slipping away that fast..It becomes your past before you realize and the future, well it is unknown except to the Creator..But the signs of the times are all stating only one thing..every thing said in the Bible is coming true..Live wisely..Love your God and Love your neighbor as yourself..take a guess, Did I make the case for capitalism or what?


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