What would you die for?

Just came across this news article on a death penalty case involving a afgan man who converted to Christianity 14 years back. The picture shows the bible that was seized from him.

apparently he could have avoided all this by just telling them that he is converting back to Islam, if only for namesake that would have saved him his skin. It is precisely this kind of moral courage in the face of insurmountable danger that baffles me. Call it faith or belief or any other thing … it takes a lot of conviction to stand firm behind your decision. Some people may compare this to the kamakzie/suicide bombers and other “freedom fighters” who wouldn’t mind killing for their belief. But there is a world of difference between them. Its easier to kill than to die for your belief … people who kill are afraid that they could be wrong, while those that die have no such fear.

Being that I don’t know, if I have his kind of moral courage yet … I’ll refrain from dissecting this issue and let you learn or be encouraged by this One Man … Martyr to some, heretic to others.

“Give What You Can’t Keep to Gain What You Can’t Lose”


3 thoughts on “What would you die for?

  1. Boss

    It is the history from the days of Cain and Abel. A brother who killed because he was jealous that his sacrifice wasn’t honored by God. Jesus said, I came to give Life and that too more abundantly..He spoke about Love and demonstrated it by dying on the cross. There is no greater love than a man lay down his life for others. Look at history, men kill each other because they aren’t satisfied with what they have. Anytime, someone who has preached about Peace and Love, they have been killed/assassinated by those who do it in the name of Peace and Love. Look at what people do not what they say..We can lie with our mouths all we want (to save face, save ourselves from humiliation, from death perhaps), but the body never lies. Jesus demonstrated it by becoming the first person to say what would happen to him long before anyone knew the real significance of His spoken Word. So if someone puts a gun to your head and you are about to die. Say a prayer for yourself, for the person in front of you and for all those who you leave behind. Don’t forget the corportate prayer that Jesus taught his disciples. It is the Lord’s Prayer. When you go into the presence of the Holy God, you better know how to worship him in truth and in spirit. Thanks brother for the opportunity to share what we stand for..Love your enemies, pray for them who use you deceitfully..In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God. We live in troubled times, people facing all kinds of difficulties, the world we live in can be travelled at the speed of light..Do we glorify God or are we charmed into believing a lie..The great deceiver knows his time is up and is frantic to destroy the peace and joy that all must have..Who will go? Who will preach? or better yet, who can be Doers of the word and not just offer lip service once a week to appease your conscience..Be different, be kind, be empathetic, be patient, be loving, speak the truth at all times even if it costs your life..Let the world go around as it has from the days of old. But you can stop living a lie..


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